Great to deal with. Honest and very upfront about the good and the bad, if there is a bad. Gives recommendations based off of years of experience. Very personal and wants to make sure you understand each area he is telling you about. Does not rush thru the job. Someone you can trust. Very fair priced. I highly recommend Jorge Alberto!

JA Outboard met my expectations during my recent Suzuki DF 150 lower unit breakdown. Jorge Alberto was honest since the beginning and explained my options verbally and in writing. He delivered what he promised in a timely and effective manner. Now, I am able to enjoy summer with the family on what we love to do the most "BOATING".

To Whom it May Concern,
I will have no one else work on my boat! Jorge is experienced, knowledgeable, meticulous and honest.

Dear Jorge,
You are a rare find in the marine industry... trustworthy, competent, and dependable. You have maintained my 25’ Grady twin 175 HP Suzuki’s for 3 seasons and I have experienced NO issues. I appreciate how clean you work, despite the messy tasks at hand. I look forward to a long relationship -keep up your fine work.

Jorge has done an incredible job of maintaining my boat for nearly 3 years. I located Jorge on the internet when my lower unit broke down. I called him on a Sunday and he immediately returned my call. Since that time he has been incredibly reliable, very skilled and transparent in all maintenance. I really appreciate Jorge's skill as a mechanic and reliability. He is an incredible person to work with if you have boat maintenance needs!!

Jorge and JA Outboard Service, Inc.
Thank you for ten years of excellent service. My family and I have been able to really enjoy our boat by having JA Outboard Service manage the boat repairs. JA is a knowledgeable, hardworking and trustworthy company.

To whom it may concern,
Mr. Alberto was retained by me in August 2019 to survey a 33 foot Hydra sports. I am 66 years old and have bought probably a couple of dozen boats in my life. I would like to report to you that Mr. Alberto did an outstanding job with his survey. The service was prompt, highly detailed, extremely professional and as a bonus, I could not have asked for a kinder gentleman to provide the professional services I needed. I would highly recommend Mr. Alberto to any potential buyer of a vessel to evaluate all the operating systems and infrastructure as well as the outboard motors he did an awesome job with. What appeared on the surface to be a very nice boat turned out to have significant issues that lead my wife and I to reject the vessel based on Mr. Alberto’s report so needless to say the gentleman is extremely objective. I would certainly rate Mr. Alberto at the A+ level. Rest assured, if I decide to peep at another boat in South Florida my wife and I will be contacting Mr. Alberto to provide the service.

One of the many remarkable qualities about JA Outboard Service is owner/operator Jorge Alberto's attention to detail. Initially, I contracted Jorge to conduct a full marine survey before purchasing my 2005 31' Contender. His discoveries during the survey saved me thousands of dollars in sale price negotiations where I would have otherwise paid in excess of $5000 for damaged equipment. After receiving the vessel, Jorge masterfully restored my twin F225 Yamahas to pristine working order - he is literally the best outboard mechanic I have encountered in my 20 years as a professional mariner. Jorge also repaired critical electrical, steering, fuel system, and bilge components with masterful craftsmanship and premium grade materials. During the entire process, Jorge maintained consistent and clear communication regarding the state of the various systems he was working to repair. He was transparent regarding the cost of replacement parts and exceptionally reasonable on labor. His knowledge of Yamaha outboards and the processes required to repair/restore each system is the most impressive I have personally encountered in Miami, FL. Jorge is a professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and extremely skilled marine mechanic with the experience to resolve any outboard engine issue. You can depend on Jorge to provide accurate diagnostics, masterful outboard repairs, marine system overhauls, and exceptional customer service.

I hope you, karen, and the crew are doing good. I can't believe the holidays are here already. How's business? Any new models in the works? As you already know, I had steering problem with the boat. The steering progressively got harder and harder to steer. It got to a point where I had to muscle it. I called a local mechanic (Jorge Alberto from JA Outboard) to diagnose the issue. I understand he called you for some guidance in determining his diagnoses. With your help he was able to pin point it down to the top tilt mechanism. He call Russel as you recommended. Russel needed to see some pictures of the damaged unit. Two days later the replacement part was in the hands of the mechanic. Jorge called me this morning and told me that there is a definite problem with the bad unit. He couldn't turn the wheel stem with his hands on the bad unit and the new one turns easily. Jorge will be installing the unit tomorrow morning. Thanks for all the help and support. Jorge is a well mannered and comes highly recommended. Here's his contact information if any of your BW customers need his services.

Hey Jorge,
I took the Dusky out the weekend before last and ran that new-to-me 2004 mercury 225 EFI two stroke at various rpm's. Not only did it sound like a Mustang, but it ran like a scalded dog, and NO ALARMS! Thanks a boatload for your expertise in the pre-purchase survey of this engine and for your care in "getting it right". If I can figure out how to send the picture of the stern of our boat running at 5,000 rpms I will do so. I look at it every day and think "How sweet it is!"

Jorge and JA Outboard Service has been taking care of my 10 year old Johnson 150 for the past 5 years. Jorge has kept my engine running trouble free and dependable for 5 years. The service is great. He picks up the boat for service and delivers it back ready to go. I am extremely happy with the service and will continue to use JA for all my boat and engine work.

Hi Jorge,
Thanks for fixing my Mako last year. You did a great job. I was very pleased with your professionalism and knowledge. It is hard to find these days. Thanks for your help.

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