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Our goal at JA Outboard Service, Inc. is to provide the customers with an utmost professional marine service experience. We specialize in marine survey for small craft vessels with gas engines, as well as maintenance service for outboard engines. For over 25 years, we have received technical training to offer the maximum service and repair on outboard engines. Staying abreast with the ever fast-changing technologies is what we do best!

Thinking of buying and/or recertifying a boat? Then, let us perform a professional marine survey to provide a detailed picture of the overall health of the vessel. This allows you to purchase the vessel at a fair value and may avoid costly repairs in the near future.

If you already own a vessel, then maintenance is what keeps your boat turnkey! We offer manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance. Make an appointment today, so we can inspect the vessel and provide you with a quote.

Let us know if we can help you with our marine service experience.

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Engine Maintenance

Something to Think About
Simple maintenance procedures deferred or service issues gone unnoticed can cost you big bucks. Maintain your boat at peak performance, avoid costly repairs and minimize your time off the water. Keeping your boat solid through proper maintenance and vigilance is more economical than tackling major time-consuming repairs as they unexpectedly arise. Protect your investment and have peace of mind in the hostile marine environment.

Marine Survey

Importance of a Marine Survey
Future boat owners may not be aware of existing problems on the purchase of a “new” vessel. A marine surveyor will provide an unbiased assessment of the vessel for purchase and/or to insure a pre-owned vessel. After inspection, the surveyor will provide a report, including pictures, of the overall health, as well as a comparable vessel calculation. This vital information can be used to determine the fair market value of the vessel and avoid hidden costly expenses.

Buying a boat is always a big investment, no matter the size of the vessel. So, protect your investment by scheduling a professional marine survey today! Would you invest in a property without an inspection?

Association and Affiliations

Boat Restoration

Having maintained long-term relationships with boat owners has given us the opportunity to see the gradual deterioration that plague boats ravaged by years of exposure to the elements. We invite you to visit our Facebook page to see some striking “before & after” pictures of boat restoration jobs we have performed in the past.

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